Simply Sports Yoga

Specially tailored sessions for your team or club

Sports and Team Yoga

Whatever your sport: Rugby, Soccer, Football, Athletics, Golf, Hockey, Tennis, Ironman, Crossfit...

Whatever your style: Team, Individual, Male, Female, Amateur, Professional...

We offer yoga classes to suit you or your team. We change our class styles to suit what point you or your team is at in training. Ultimately you can choose the style that suits you best.

Preseason Yoga

Classes will focus on building strength and stamina with an emphasis on prehab to aid with injury prevention for the season ahead. Preseason classes are physically challenging in order to strengthen muscles as well as increasing much needed flexibility. These classes also offer rest time for adequate recovery from your sport specific training.

In Season Training

Classes during this period of your training will switch to less physically challenging practices with a stronger emphasis on flexibility, mental focus and recovery in order to maintain fitness and reduce the likelihood of injuries.

End of Season Training

Following a tough season or competition a program of restorative yoga proves very beneficial. Activating the relaxation response during a restorative yoga session allows for relaxation in the deep muscle fibers to kick start the full recovery process. This period of recovery is much needed in order to properly prepare for the start of the on-coming season.

There is also the option to incorporate one off restorative yoga sessions into your year round training. This style of yoga is particularly beneficial during breaks or downtime in your season. It will speed up recovery and refocus the mind on the task ahead.

What will I gain from Sports Yoga?

  • Strengthen all the muscles, including the deep stabilisers for a full body renewal
  • Increase flexibility throughout the whole body
  • Counterbalance the repetitive actions you do in sports/fitness training
  • Increase mental focus and concentration
  • Build strength and stability in the whole body
  • Heighten your body awareness. Respect and understand your body's strengths and limitations
  • Relax the muscles and mind, continually preparing the body and mind for the next game, race or competition.

When and Where

We will travel to your club or centre anywhere in Carlow, Kilkenny, Kildare or Laois for team or one on one sessions. Team rates and pricing packages are available so please contact us for more information. Email or phone 0864047794.